Manufacturer Application Version Actions
Bond Adapt V11 11 - 11.7 (sp3)
Syneton Admin IS 11,
MAM Autopart 20
SAP Business 1 8.82
The Missing Link Dbfact 2.7.3
Mamut Mamut 12.5 - 16
Business File MatchMaker
Aareon QLX
Source Design RoadComm
Visma Severea 3
StudioPlus Software StudioPlus 11
Exact Synergy Enterprise
Union Square Software Workspace
Pegasus Opera II 6.81
CallPro CRM Call Pro 5.0
Shuttleworth Shuttleworth
First Choice Software (part of Access Group) RDB Pro Net 3.3
Kayako Kayako
Xero Xero
Zucchetti Ad Hoc
Arithon Arithon
Asgard Software Asgard
Aspin Aspin ERP
Syntess Software Atrium 3.7
BatchBlue Software BatchBook
Logical Planet BusyDesk
Capita Capita Housing
Wolters Kluwer (UK) CCH Central 1.6
FileMaker FileMaker Pro 9-12
Exact Globe
37 signals High Rise
Lundalogik Kontakt
Lundalogik Lime Easy
Administer software Move Administer
Pegasus Opera 3
Pegasus Opera II CIS 3
SalesAchiever Project-SalesAchiever
Intuit Quickbooks 12
Motor Trade Technologies Selling Point
Solicitors Own Software SOS Connect
Metalogic PLC Stockmaster
HigherConcept Syrinx 3.28 - 3.32
TrackerRMS TrackerRMS
Freetime Hospitality VIPS PMS 6
Voyager Voyager Professional
WinMan WinMan CFP
IRIS Software Group Ltd Practice Manager 11.4
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
Protean Software Protean CRM 7.1
Pegasus Opera II 7.2
OmniLedger Pyramid
Unikum ab Pyramid CRM
Pegasus Opera II 7.3
Intuit Quickbooks 14
Dillistone FileFinder 11
HP Autonomy WorkSite 9
V1 Limited V1 Project Accounting
SAP Business 1 9.0 (9.02.220 PL12)
Troysoft Troy Enterprise 299.13
Allstate Insurance Company eAgent
First Choice Software (part of Access Group) RDB Pro Net 4.0.6
FileMaker FileMaker Pro 13
HigherConcept Syrinx 4.33.1
1C 1C:Enterprise (Standard) 8.3
1C 1C:Enterprise (Standard) 8.2
1C 1C:Enterprise (Standard) 8.1
QQ Solutions QQ Catalyst (using API version 3.5)
Odoo S.A. Odoo 8
Insightly Inc. Insightly Using Insightly v2.1 API
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
Voyager Voyager VDQ! 2.1.3
Combit GmbH Combit Relationship Manager
Keap Keap
Merlin Business Software Ltd Merlin Business Software
Verwiel en Wijngaard Poolmanagement B.V. Poolmanager 3
ReflexSystems Reflex 3000
oomi oomi
Gavel and Gown software Amicus Attorney
First Choice Software (part of Access Group) RDB Pro Net
Business Micros EvoNet
Wolters Kluwer (UK) CCH Central 2014.3.1
Dataflow Dataflow32 8
Cycle Software Cycle Software
Eurolink Technology Limited Veco
Exact Synergy Enterprise HRM
Software Add-ons Ltd OpenCRM
Relational Systems Inc. WinSearch 7.2
SAP Business 1 9.1
The Missing Link Dbfact 2.74
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2
Intelliflo Intelligent Office 4.4
ACM Solutions - AdviceUK Advice Pro
Syneton Admin Consult
Dataflow Dataflow32 9
Premier Software Solutions Premier Spa 8.01
IRIS Software Group Ltd Practice Manager 16.1
UNIT4 Scenario Assurantie,
Intuit Quickbooks 15
HigherConcept Syrinx 4.34.4
The Access Group Access Dimensions 2.5L
TOPdesk TOPdesk 5.4
Salesforce Desk Using API V2
Mamut Mamut 19.1, 20.0
Itec Systems ITRIS V8.101
ORACLE Oracle RightNow Service Cloud November 2015
Dolibarr Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.6.2
Xero WorkflowMax
Kubion bv IRIS 3.0
Bullhorn Incorporated Bullhorn CRM Enterprise
Bullhorn Incorporated Bullhorn CRM Corporate Edition
Zestia Ltd CapsuleCRM Using API V2
1C 1C:Enterprise (Custom) 8.1
1C 1C:Enterprise (Custom) 8.2
1C 1C:Enterprise (Custom) 8.3
Syneton Admin Consult 7.50.5
Syntess Software Atrium 4.7 -5.1
Soft Options Computer Systems Ltd BEST
Wolters Kluwer (UK) CCH Central 2016.11.0
DesignMyNight Collins
e-Clinic e-Clinic 14
GreyRidge GreyRidge CRM
King Software King Business Software 5.48a - 5.58
Odoo S.A. Odoo 9 - 12
Logma Systems Design Ltd OneFit 2014.6
AFAS Afas Online V5 - V11
Open ERP Open ERP 6
Tikit Tikit Practice Case Management - P4W
Deltek - Union Square Union Square
IRIS Software Group Ltd Practice Manager 17.2 (Summer 2017 Release)
TOPdesk TOPdesk 5.7 r3
Swiftpage ACT! Premium Cloud
First Choice Software (part of Access Group) RDB Pro Net
Exact Synergy Classic batch 400
Wolters Kluwer (UK) CCH Central 2017.100.0
Pipedrive Inc PipeDrive
Redtail Technology Redtail CRM
eRecruit Adapt UX
FasterForward FasterForward using API version 1.3.2
Agile CRM AgileCRM
In-Motion Software In-Motion
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT
Esteiro Business Solutions Ltd Gold Vision
Bitrix Inc Bitrix24
Northstar Technologies The Conduit CRM
Intact Software Intact IQ
Intuit Quickbooks Online Essentials, Plus
Copper, Inc. Copper
Transport & Automotive Network Systems TALIS CRM
Gilde Software Handsoft Pro
Zoho Corp. Zoho Recruit
Improveit 360 improveit 360
Cloud9software Cloud9ortho
Keap Infusionsoft by Keap
First Choice Software (part of Access Group) RDB Pro Net 6.7
Clarity Software Clarity
Dentally Dentally
Red Rabbit Absolver II
Property Access Property Access CRM Team Support
Practice Panther Practice Panther